About Me

My name is Jacob. I was born in a small town in California 23 years ago, and I still live in that small town. I attended high school in that small town. I had no plans for my future in my senior year of high school, so I joined the army. I went off to basic training and then proceeded to fail the physical fitness test (the same one that was just removed!), so I was given a choice: go back a few weeks (so as to try again) or go home. I went home. I missed my mom and dad, and my grandma, and my siblings, and my dog. Maybe you can blame me, maybe not, but I've found something to do with my life, which I suppose is important.

I began attending a local community college to gain an Associate (two-year for the non-Americans) of Arts in Computer Science. I quickly sped through the programming classes and every major-related course I could. Then I had to deal with general education classes. Around this time, I was offered a job to work at a local bank in the IT department, and I accepted. I stopped attending school because I really didn't want to do the general education courses. This was fine for a while, but it didn't end well. About a year later, I fell into a deep depression and anxiety and ended up having a breakdown. I quit my job abruptly, and I took some time to let my mind recover. At this point, I was deep in credit card debt that had accumulated over the years. I took some time to dig myself out and dedicate some care for myself. I'm proud to say I'm debt free and much better mentally.

During this time, I did a lot of programming. I had taught myself how to program in a variety of languages throughout my childhood. Although I am only 23 years old, I have actually been programming for close to 15 years. I've dabbled in many different stacks and communities, but the community I've been involved in for the longest time is Minecraft, specifically SpigotMC and PaperMC. I have been creating plugins (server modifications) for Spigot and Paper for almost 10 years. I also like to interface with Discord, Slack, Telegram, and others to make automated bots on their platforms. One of my new favorites is web development and creating apps that are easy to use for all. This very website is a complete JavaScript frontend shooting requests to a backend Strapi instance, and most of my apps use my own API (written in Spring). Needless to say, this is my life.

That all said, though, there's more to me than where I was born, what I'm doing for school, and how my professional life has gone. On another note entirely, I am extremely passionate about travel. I have been to more countries than I have US states in my own home country. Some Americans balk at this. Maybe they're right. But, if I had the choice, I'd keep it exactly how it is. I want to discover more countries and cultures. I know how America is. Visiting a state doesn't have the same sense of wonder.

I'm also in a long-distance relationship with the most wonderful woman on the planet (and I'll bet money on that). I'm in California, and she is in the Philippines. We're separated by about 7,133 miles. Due to COVID-19, we haven't seen each other in a bit over a year, but we dedicate every Saturday (me) and Sunday (her) to a date day. When we can, we watch movies together using a website called TwoSeven, and we try to have deep discussions about life, love, and silliness. We truly cherish one another, and as soon as we can, we're going to unite once again.

In any case, though, this is getting fairly long. So I'll finish here for now.

If you're still reading, it's very nice to meet you (or maybe know you).

-- Jacob.