Jacob S. Andersen


I am currently focusing my energy on completing my degree in Computer Science before moving on to a full-time career as a Computer Scientist in the (ideally space) transportation sector.


Relevant Skills

  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • React and Vue
  • Redux and Vuex
  • CSS, SASS, and LESS
  • NPM, Yarn, and Webpack
  • Git version control and GitHub
  • Agile, Scrum, and Kanban
  • XML, HTML(4/5), Markdown, and more
  • IntelliJ IDE and Visual Studio Code
  • Long Polling, Server-Sent Events, and WebSockets

Other Skills

  • Java, C#, PHP, and Python
  • Batch, Bash, and ZSH
  • Maven and Gradle Build Systems
  • Continuous Integration Systems
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Test-Driven Development
  • REST, JWT, and Sessions
  • MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, and SQL Server
  • Apache, nginx, and IIS Webservers
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Vice President
    Rabobank N.A.


    • Made use of the .NET OnBase API to create custom solutions to major business-line pain points including document routing and custom processing.
    • Provided support and bug-fixes of custom .NET applications within OnBase spanning different departments such as loan operations and corporate security.
    • Established new OnBase virtualized architecture to reduce manual workload required to fail over in emergency situations.
  • Information Technology Intern
    Rabobank N.A.


    • Increased internal customer help desk efficiency by working through support tickets and following up with requests to ensure on-time completion.
    • Supported the training of new incoming interns from Allan Hancock College recruitment opportunities to ensure their success in their first jobs.
    • Learned and began the management of a new Enterprise Document Management system, OnBase, as a side-responsibility concurrently with Help Desk responsibilities.
  • Private E-1
    U.S. Army


    • Learned how to handle and maintain operational security of sensitive information at all times.
    • Gained the ability to operate autonomously with minimal supervision and be trusted to produce a desired result on time.
    • Acquired a solid understanding of the importance of social structure and chain of command when escalating action items or issues.
    • Strengthened social synergy between fellow soldiers during team building events and learned the importance of the team as opposed to the individual.


  • Bachelor of Science: Computer Science

    California Polytechnic State University
    San Luis Obispo, California


    Cumulative GPA: TBA

  • Associate of Science: Computer Science

    Allan Hancock College
    Santa Maria, California


    Cumulative GPA: 3.3

    • Completed the college's entire line of available programming-related classes quickly with high marks.
    • Joined and participated as a leader in the Software Development Club in charge of recording meeting minutes and the scheduling of new events.
    • Earned a respectful admiration for those who have completed higher-education degree paths and an understanding of the importance of being a productive member of society.
  • High School Diploma

    Ernest Righetti High School
    Orcutt, California


    Cumulative GPA: 3.18

    • Participated in two Advanced Placement classes and earned an AP exam score of 3 or greater.
    • Taught self lighting coordination and systems to successfully support the showing of a variety of performances for the student body.
    • Gained minor work experience by participating as a Student Clerk handling office-related duties and as a Teacher Aide providing assistance with grading.